quarta-feira, 24 de março de 2010


'I've born and I've bread. I've cleaned and I've fed. And for my healing wits, I've been called a witch. I've crackled in the fire And been called a liar. I've died so many times. I'm only just coming to life.'

'Woman' by Neneh Cherry

I'm different now. Inside of me lies a scar of something that caused me pain and suffering. I was hopeless. But I truly believe that for every scar, a flower comes to life. Like waves it wipes away the memories of what we once felt. It is still there, although it doens't botter me anymore. Like the song, I say, I'm only just coming to life. I don't dare saying I'm stronger now. However, I have the feeling that all of what I've dreamed is still ahead of me. I feel safe in God's hands. He helped me through the rough path. When I got up in sorrow, He offered me his shoulder. When I cried in silence, He made me sleep. And the day I gave my body to the doctors, He assisted me all the way. I've just realised how powerful I am having Him by my side. I survived. I owe my past, present and future to His enlightment. I thank Him for what I am now: a woman who carries the hope of being born again, and again, every single day for the rest of her life.